horn in F and interactive electronics (or fixed media)

  • dur: 8:56
  • date: 2013

Chugach creates a surreal, hyper-real environment to explore the inherent musical qualities of a physical space. Amid the rich Yup’ik culture and along the old Iditarod Trail, the sounds heard come primarily from within the Chugach National Forest (Alaska). Captured well after midnight, next to a rustic log cabin by Eagle River, the sun had barely set. The horn soloist exaggerates and interacts with rhythms, harmonies, and gestures of this environment – one in which typical perception of dichotomy (e.g. night and day) is blurred. Listening in a place where human presence is scarce, such fabricated perception becomes as apparent as the impact one has from their very presence. Special thanks is due to the EcoSono Institute for making these recordings possible. The work was commissioned by Andrew Pelletier.

score sample
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