…stones, cymbals, stream

chamber orchestra
fl +afl, ob, cl, bcl, bsn, hrn, tpt, tbn, perc.(2), pno, vl(2), va, vc, db

  • dur: ca. 8:00
  • date: 2012

…stones, cymbals, stream explores the interaction and transcription of a physical space, realized with acoustic instruments by replicating the recorded frequencial and structural elements of a stream. A hydrophone (i.e. underwater microphone) was used to capture an improvisation, largely articulated by the rushing water and transfer of vibration between the incorporated objects. Alteration of these items’ (i.e., two cymbals, stones, and other found objects) placement explored a new frame of reference on the original context, yielding harmonic variation. Acknowledging the interchange between the existing elements, as well as the nonlinear aspects of the recording and other natural phenomena, many of the formal parameters of the piece remain asynchronous. Harmony and orchestrational alternation, for example, provide micro and macro layers that do not align. Relinquishing most musical decisions to analysis of the incorporated field recording, the music explores the interactivity amid all present in the stream and those areas surrounding.